Overview of key bindings

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Key bindings for the Math Explorer

The table below is an overview of all keybindings available for the interactive Math Explorer. It is divided into three parts:

For additional information and details see also:

Essential Keys
Shift+SpaceActivate explorer. Requires focus on maths expression.

NOTE: Depending on the implementation quality of the particular browser/screenreader/OS combination (especially Chrome and IE), users might have to disable screenreader reading modes (e.g., "browse mode" in NVDA, "virtual cursor" in JAWS) before being able to launch the application.
EscapeLeave exploration mode.

NOTE: When restarted, the application will continue where the user left off.
DownExplore next lower level of the formula by moving down in the sub-expression tree. Exploration will start at the left-most sub-expression on the level.
UpMove up the sub-expression tree.
RightNavigate the expression horizontally by moving to the next sub-expression on the current level.
LeftNavigate the expression horizontally by moving to the previous sub-expression on the current level.
An earcon is played as indicator that the boundary of an expression has been reached in either direction.
Advanced Options
TabRepeat previous speech-text or announcement.
SpaceGet positional information, i.e., the current level in the sub-expression tree as well as collapsibility/expandability of the current subexpression.
EnterCollapse or expand expression under cursor, if possible. Speech-text is regenerated to match.
HomeNavigate directly to top-most level of expression.
XSummarise the expression under cursor, without collapsing it.
ZGive detailed description of expression under cursor, without expanding it.
VStart new virtual cursor from the current position.
PGo to last position or previous virtual cursor
UUndo all virtual cursors, i.e. go to position where first virtual cursor was started.
Special key combinations for navigating tables
Shift+ DownMove one cell vertically down in the table.
Shift+ UpMove one cell vertically up in the table.
Shift+ RightMove one cell horizontally right in the table.
Shift+ LeftMove one cell horizontally left in the table.
0-9+0-9Move directly to cell (n,m) if it exists. (0,0) is cell (10,10).