Generating speech descriptions for XML structures

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English Localisation



Unit Tests

MathSpeak Unit Tests

Each file has three sections for the different MathSpeak verbosity styles: Verbose, Brief, and Superbrief.

MathSpeak Examples The complete set of examples from the MathSpeak grammar site. Needs to be fully translated
Steve Nobles Examples Real world examples from textbooks, exams and publishers contributed by Steve Noble. Very useful and should be translated
MathML Cloud Examples Unit tests for issues reported from real world user input to the MathML Cloud server. Useful but not important
Embellished Symbols Various corner cases for embellished symbols, MathML variants etc. Not important

ClearSpeak Unit Tests

Single file contains all examples from the different chapters of the ClearSpeak specification.

ClearSpeak Examples The complete set of examples from the ClearSpeak Rules and Examples document. Needs to be fully translated

ChromeVox Unit Tests

Some unit tests from the semantic ChromeVox rule sets. Note, this does not contain any tests involving prosody etc. It also contains "mixed" content in multiple locales.

Semantic Rules Some semantic rules as used in ChromeVox. Please Ignore!